100 days-Sushant Singh Rajput's forgotten death mystery remains unsolved

100 days-Sushant Singh Rajput's forgotten death mystery remains unsolved
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100 days-Sushant Singh Rajput’s forgotten demise thriller stays unsolved

‘It’s 200 per cent homicide’, claimed Vikas Singh, the lawyer of Sushant Singh Rajput’s father. More than 100 days after suicide/homicide of cine star Sushant Singh Rajput, the ‘who carried out it’ whataboutary nonetheless stays a toughly contested query. With greater than 30 days underneath its belt to analyze the alleged homicide or abetment to suicide concept of Sushant, CBI, continues to be silent. An company which is used to media administration, selective leaks, manipulated information report implant has not even briefed the media as soon as because it began investigating the case in Mumbai. The much-touted Viscera report, which was allegedly discovered inadequate, is underneath re-examination in All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) for the previous 20 days. But right here once more, there is no such thing as a official phrase AIIMS. The solely definitive phrases which have discovered credence from AIIMS is that of Dr Sudhir Gupta, Panel Chief of AIIMS. “No conclusion or conclusion opinion of homicide or suicide could be made by seeing ligature marks and scene of occurrence” – has additional twisted your entire homicide angle over its head. Neither homicide nor suicide will be ascribed as the explanation for demise of Sushant – so how did he die. Did Sushant hold himself or somebody killed him and hung him by his inexperienced kurta is an unsolved thriller – could also be some Kali worshipers might throw some mild on this unexplained metaphysical act.

Simply put, no person is aware of something and similar to Aarushi homicide thriller, the CBI is flummoxed on this case too. If CBI had been to simply accept Mumbai police investigation, it is going to have egg on its face and that of its political masters. If CBI had been to implicate somebody, together with Rhea Chakraborty, it does not have a shred of proof.

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And sure, we do want to herald the Narcotic Control Bureau (NCB). Suddenly NCB has uncovered so many drug chats on WhatsApp, that it’s feeding information channels like seamless Manohar Kahaniyan. Interestingly, all drug chats which have come to mild are over 3 years previous. Wasn’t the BJP-Shiv Sena authorities then in energy in Maharashtra. With chatter of Drug abuse so rampant in Bollywood since donkeys of years, the NCB with the assistance of BJP led authorities could not uncover any improper doings in Mumbai. How unusual!

Stranger nonetheless is the truth that actresses like Kangana Ranaut, who’ve brazenly claimed to have been drug addicts should not being questioned about drug hyperlinks. Who had been their drug suppliers, the drug peddler who provided medicine to Kangana, the cash paid for procuring medicine by Kangana – nothing is in query. Why – as a result of she claims she has stop!! So how do we all know that Deepika Padukone, Sara Ali Khan, Dia Mirza, are nonetheless consuming medicine. Has NCB discovered any substance of abuse of their possession – if not, then how are these feminine leads, drug addicts.

But then, we’re transgressing from the core difficulty – Sushant Singh Rajput.

By the best way, all of us appear to have given Sushant a clear chit on his substance abuse. Endless movies are in circulation, the place “bhole ka prasad” is being smoked to glory. Videos which present Sushant smoking a joint with quite a few feminine leads at his farm home. But then, ‘ladke hai, gaalti to ho I jaati hai, uss bechare ko to ladkiyon ne barbaad kiya” – this is the popular refrain. As usual, we have put all behind when it comes to substance abuse by Sushant Singh. We are branding all female actresses as custodians of Indian culture, who have committed the biggest crime of it all – allegedly, they smoked weed. And this is their eternal crime. It’s a different matter, that even if found guilty of substance abuse, the maximum prison sentence could be six months or a fine of Rs.10,000/- or both. And the accused plead guilty and head for a rehab, they will not be punished at all.

The continued media spotlight on all leading faces, would have scarred them for life. We have tarnished the entire lot of actors who have been shamed beyond popular imagination. Of these, how many are actually found guilty, is a billion dollar question – but, we have demonized them all. Just like cricket, all players are not match fixers, all actors are not always high on weed/ganja/marijuana. All actresses are not blood sucking ‘Dayans’, on the lookout for hapless victims like departed Sushant Singh Rajput. Still, we have the filth of so-called evil Bollywood on our plate every second of the day. And I can still state this with conviction, more than half of the Indian teenagers would love to make a career in dirty Bollywood and claim the title of a successful actor.

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