10 Ways to Deal with Stomach Pain

10 Ways to Deal with Stomach Pain. Stomach pain is an intermittent condition, especially in children from age group 4 to 17 years. Almost 5% of kids came for medical advice in pediatric hospitals. Do you want to know how pediatrics and other medical representatives deal with stomach pain? Have you ever wondered how they diagnose the type, nature, and origin of stomach pain? Stay tuned to get the answer to these questions.

Nature of Stomach Pain

Stomach pain is an occasional pain that is either localized or cramp-like. It can even dislocate itself.

Spam of Stomach Pain

The pain can either be severe or last for a few to 3 hours only, or it can be mild but took 1 to 3 months to get a complete cure from stomach pain.

Origin of Pain

Performing Tests for Diagnosis

Stomach pain can arise from any infection or malfunctioning in the working of internal organs. A doctor performs several tests to diagnose the exact reason for stomach pain.

Some General Tests

The common causes of stomach pain are Intestinal bowel syndrome, diarrhea, constipation, acidity, indigestion, and gas. All these are related to the digestive tract. A doctor may ask several questions before prescribing a medicine for stomach pain. For example,

  • For how long, have you been dealing with this pain?
  • What type of sensation you are feeling?
  • When did you pass the stool last?
  • How many times have you used the toilet?
  • What is the color of your stool and urine?

After asking several questions, he can find the reason for stomach pain. But for confirmation, a doctor suggests examination via:

  • Blood sample
  • Urine
  • Stool

In most cases, blood and urine tests are enough to jump to a conclusion.

Additional Diagnostic Methods

For Females

The doctor can do a detailed physical examination. He can examine the pelvic area to check for any problem in the uterus (baby tube), ovaries, and other related areas. He sometimes recommends taking a pregnancy test after the examination. As abdominal pain can also occur as a mark of pregnancy.  

For Males

In dealing with male patients, a doctor can inspect the penis and scrotum too.  

Treatments for Stomach Pain

After a complete diagnosis, a doctor can surely jump on the treatment for stomach pain. Following are some ways to deal with and treat stomach pain.

Pain Reliever

A patient wants to stop the pain sensation at first preference. A doctor does the same before moving ahead. He gives various pain killers to reduce the pain. In some cases, the patient becomes panicked due to severe cramping. The doctors may use anesthesia or other formulations to help the patient in sleeping for some time.


It is the best solution, especially when the pain emerges due to any digestive issue. Fasting provides our body a sufficient time to digest all the food. It also aids the abdominal muscles to get relaxing. The doctors allow you to uptakes fluid in case you feel low in energy. Then, they slowly shift you to an easily digestible diet like the BRAT diet. He advised you to continue this diet until you feel well. Do not put a burden on your stomach again.


These include diluted fruit juices, soups, and herbal teas (Decaffeinated drinks). When we increase the uptake of such fluids, we can deal with the risk of sporadic stomach pains.

Diet Maintenance

A healthy diet makes a healthy body with a good immune system. A healthy diet involves the uptake of food that is low in carbs, fats, and proteins. More preferably, we must add fiber-rich food to our diet. Our stomach can easily digest such a diet.


Physical inactivity is always an apple of discord. With too much involvement in modern gadgets and technologies, our generation has developed a lazy attitude. We feel stressed and dull all day. Our lazy behavior plays a role in initiating indigestion, acidity, nausea, jaryan, and other such problems. Regular exercise brings physical inactivity to an end. We feel fresh and motivated too.   


Oil massage is a beneficial therapeutic method for stomach pain. Gentle massage on the abdomen helps in moving the food in the intestine. Also, it regulates the blood flow in associated blood vessels. Hence, abdominal muscles relax and we feel at ease.

Herbal Treatments

We use many herbs in our kitchenettes as a spice. If we add these to our meals in an appropriate way, they can comfort us in occasional pain episodes.  


It is another way to end up with physical immobility. You can try different steps and postures depending upon the type and nature of the pain to overcome the situation.


Laying down with a hot water bag put on your stomach brings calmness to stomach muscles.

Stress Management

When we are mentally stressed, our autonomic system becomes active. It releases its hormones. Simultaneously, it impacts our digestive activity and reduces or stops it. We may develop the symptoms of diarrhea and experience abdominal discomfort. To make a long story short, we must learn to deal with stress in some cases to avoid stomachache. 10 Ways to Deal with Stomach Pain.


There are many ways to deal with stomach pain. All you have to do is to diagnose the pain type by consulting any medical practitioner. After a complete examination, he will tell you the reason behind intermittent stomach pain. Then, you can cure your stomach pain by adopting the relevant methodology.

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