10 Best Toy Brands in 2022

Toys form the most integral part of a child’s growing years. They play a very important role in a child’s overall development. The love for the toy can be found not only in children but also in adults. These goodies make everybody time travel and cherish the most lovely childhood memories. Please read our Best Toy Brands.

Let us embark on our journey into the world of Toyland and review the ten best toy brands of 2022: DBZ Store offers high-quality toys at an affordable price. We have significant experience in using this product. If you want to read about DBZ Store, click on DBZ Store Review.10 Best Toy Brands in 2022

  1. Lego

Legos are simple, colourful, interlocking bricks which come in combination with miniature figurines and head gears. But by connecting these bricks, you can form multiple types of machines, buildings or vehicles. It offers different varieties of toys to cater to every child’s needs. The bricks are made of kid-friendly Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene(ACB), which is hard plastic, and scratch resistant. Its base plate is made from High Impact Polystyrene(HIPS), a rugged and robust material. They offer the best quality toys.

Legos help develop fine motor skills, develop problem-solving skills, and build confidence and creativity. They offer a kit which contains vibrant and colourful bricks, authentic detailing and a touch of realism. Their products come for all age groups. Some hot favourites are Harry Potter, Hogwarts Moment, Star Wars, Seinfield and many more. Please read our Best Toy Brands.

  1. Fisher-Price

Fisher-Price is an America-based company which offers toys for infants, toddlers and preschoolers. They offer toys with attractive, eye-catching colours and designs. Their toys are safe, BPA-free, and great for learning hand-eye coordination. Please read our Best Toy Brands. The toys available are helpful when the kids are developing a grip and teething. The toys have round edges and no loose parts that are not harmful to kids. Some of their favourite products are toy trains, toy cars, crawling with puppies, etc.

  1. Barbie

The idea behind creating Barbie is to give wings to girls to dream big and follow their hearts. Barbie is a household name and a fashion doll made in 1959 by Ruth Handler. Barbie has seen many developments and transformations in the past six decades. Barbie has different roles, from princesses to astronauts to zoologists. The materials used in the making are synthetic fibre, elastomer, PBT, polyvinyl chloride and water-based paint. Apart from dolls Barbie franchise also offers a collection of Barbie-inspired shoes, dresses, dollhouses and playsets.

  1. Nerf

Nerf is a toy brand formed by the Parker brothers, now owned by Hasbro. They are best known for the creation of toy weapons. These nerf guns add fun and adventure to your kid’s playtime. They are best known for their Nerf Blaster, a toy gun that shoots foam suction cup darts made to stick to smooth surfaces. Darts are available in different colours. Most of their toys are made from foam, a safer choice for children. Some popular products are Elite Rukkus, Hypnos, Nailbiter, Mega Bulldog, etc. Please read our Best Toy Brands.

  1. Hot Wheels

Hot Wheel is an America-based brand of cars launched by Mattel. This toy brand specialises in toy cars. These cars are popular among kids as well as adults. They are the leading producers of die-cast models and have procured licences from many automobile companies. Please read our Best Toy Brands.

Their cars come for distinct age groups, including 3-5years, 6-7 years and eight years and above. The company has decided to design a limited edition focussed on adult collectors.

Hot Wheels created a diamond-embedded model in 2008 to celebrate its 40th anniversary. Some famous hot wheel cars are Hot Wheels Mega Hauler Truck, Marvel Spider-Man Large scale character car and many more.

  1. Power Ranger Toys

Power Ranger toys took their inspiration from the superhero series Power Rangers. The movie is a  comic series loved by children across the world. This toy brand has seen remarkable growth over the years. Their toys are created for separate age groups of 3 to 5 years, kids of ages 6 to 9 and kids above eight years of age. Let us name some toys, including the Power Ranger lightning collection, Power rangers micro morphers and much more. Please read our Best Toy Brands.

  1. My Little Pony

My Little Pony is an America-based toy brand and media franchise developed by Hasbro. Their toys were initially centred on little girls, but they gradually shifted their attention to the older girls. Many My Little Pony toys and figurines are available in the market. You can choose from their vast v collection based on various shows and child’s ages. Their toy line has seen a multitude of transformations over the years. According to market demands, the toys are remodelled and redesigned. Please read our Best Toy Brands.

My Little Pony saw a marked increase in their sales. Their sales have reached a record 100 million units sold per year. Their toy also lured the attention of adult collectors, which came as a shock to the company. This demand translated into a promise by the company to produce collector’s series when upgrading the toy line.

  1. Hasbro

Hasbro is an American toy company headquartered in Rhode Island. It is a play and entertainment company with a massive reach encompassing 1500 brands. Its products include G.I. Joe, Transformers, Rom The Space Knight, Monopoly, Furby, Twister, etc. The company functions through four segments, out of which Consumer  Product is occupied in sourcing, marketing and selling toys around the globe. Please read our Best Toy Brands.

Hasbro also brought TV shows to promote its games. Some famous ones are the Jenga Classic Game and the CandyLand Kingdom of sweet adventure.

  1. Mega Bloks

Mega Bloks is a Canadian toy manufacturer that offers a variety of toys, crafts and puzzle-based products. These are exclusively designed for preschoolers to enhance their mental growth. They manufacture toys, keeping in mind boy’s and girl’s demands. They have plenty of models available, keeping every kid’s needs in mind. Apart from toys, they also have playbooks that help children to learn how to build blocks and improve their cognitive skills. Their playbook is available on their websites and in pdf form as well.

They offer compatible mega bloks first builder sets with a portable, PVC-free bag zip to store their toys. Eighty-first builder’s blocks are the most popular among the many toys on their websites. Please read our Best Toy Brands.

  1. Bandai Namco

Bandai Namco is a Japanese multinational toy manufacturer in Tokyo. Their headquarters are also located in France, but they distribute their products to Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. They offer some of the best quality toys, which top the chart in terms of entertainment. Some of their popular and engaging games are Pac-man, Twin Mirror, Soulcalibur, Light Nightmares, Dark pictures, etc. Please read our Best Toy Brands.

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