Woman “drowns in her own poo” and desperate for treatment to save her life

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Kelly Yeoman is “drowning in her own poo” and edgy for treatment to spare her life.

Her organs are scarcely perceptible in a X-ray as her chest cavity loads with defecation, abandoning her attempting to relax.

Presently her family and companions are frantically crowdfunding for her to get private treatment for her condition, saying their “upbeat, solid and decided” companion is scarcely unmistakable.

Kelly, 34, has spent the most recent 11 weeks in Southmead Hospital, Bristol, regurgitating her own poo after she guarantees a specialist harmed her inside amid a normal surgery.

Posting the picture of her X-ray on Facebook recently, she stated: “For the individuals who don’t exactly comprehend the extent of my condition, this is my X-ray, the entire thing is a photo of fecal stacking can’t see my organs.

“What’s more, yes it’s all in my chest as well, my stomach and lungs are so high up I can scarcely relax.”

Stressed companions say her gut could burst at any minute.

Composing on a GoFundMe page they set up to finance Kelly’s treatment they expressed: “Because of a slip of the surgical tool, amid a minor surgical system, Kelly Yeoman’s entrail was thumped, abandoning her with a gathering of disease which required two further surgeries to rectify. Subsequently, her inside is presently unfit to work.”

“She is presently horrendously faecally affected, she is consistently regurgitating a foul mixture of her last supper and her own excrement, and she is attempting to relax. She is oversensitive to numerous things including latex and oral anti-toxins and has various medical problems, all of which should be precisely considered. Nothing is by all accounts working and we are watching her go step by step downhill – she is practically unrecognizable as our glad, solid and decided companion. Consistently she appears to blur promote away and we are largely starting to fear the most noticeably awful,” the page proceeds.

Her companions need to mover her to St. Check’s Hospital in London to get private expert treatment.

Yet, they have lauded staff at Southmead Hospital, which isn’t the place the operation happened, for the level of care they have given Kelly.

“She’s sending individuals messages amidst the night saying the agony is deplorable. This is a lady who ought to appreciate each snapshot of her life, not lying vulnerable in a doctor’s facility bed, drowning in poo,” Kelly’s companion, Kate Rankin, told the Mirror.

You can give to Kelly’s motivation at her Go Fund Me page here.


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