Aqib Talib has ripped off Michael Crabtree’s chain again, plus 6 things I loved around the 12th week in the NFL

Aqib Talib has ripped off Michael Crabtree's chain again
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The main matchup between Michael Crabtree and Aqib Talib since Talib grabbed his chain off his neck, as T.I. did to Lauren London in ATL, has been on the NFL plans for a considerable length of time, and none of us made note of it. Disgrace on us, as “NFL fans” for not recognizing this typically pivotal day early.

In the principal quarter of the game, Crabtree was blocking Talib, who saw the ideal chance to by and by take his neck piece. It let to both of the players overflowing into the Broncos’ sideline, bolted with more quality than the connections on Crab’s chain:

Here’s the whole trade for your survey delight, with punches tossed by both Talib and Crabtree toward the end:

Crabtree, Talib, and Raiders watch Gabe Jackson were altogether shot out in the fight. After Talib’s launch, he was escorted through the Raiders’ sideline by Marshawn Lynch.

In any case, there was a contort that rose after the diversion. Chris Harris Jr. called attention to that Crabtree had given him an uppercut to the stomach the play some time recently:

“I have never observed that in the NFL,” Harris said. “Today, he just turned out needing to battle. He would not like to play football. It was the second play of the diversion. It was a run play, I was playing man, and I wasn’t notwithstanding doing anything. He just came in there, resembled BAM, hit me ideal amidst the stomach and I simply lost my breath.”

Horses security Justin Simmons upheld that up, saying, “He said that Crabtree had hit him, uppercut him on the stomach on out. So Aqib took that individual.”

Be that as it may, how about we make a stride back here a moment. The first run through Talib took Crabtree’s chain off his neck took a few guts. You don’t do that unless you 1. realize that individual isn’t retaliating, or 2. you are truly about it, and know you can move down such an ill bred thing.

What’s more, there wasn’t ill will there beforehand. Talib simply didn’t vibe with Crabtree’s look.

“He’s quite recently been wearing that chain all year and it simply been developing on me,” Talib said last season. “I said on the off chance that he wears that chain before me I will grab it off. So he wore it before me so I needed to grab it off.”

My own equal to that would take these Wahl scissors straight through Mark Davis’ hair so he can begin once again, yet that is neither here nor there.

Indeed, even in a moment matchup, you must be a totally unique savage to do it once more. Crabtree realized that — while he played it cool last time — he needed to swing on Talib. You can’t give another man a chance to do that to you twice with no striking back. By then, his partners will lose regard for him in the event that he doesn’t, and possibly some relatives as well.

Plainly Crabtree was feeling some sort of route going into the game — yet he coordinated his outrage at the wrong individual, Talib still took his chain.

Truly, if the NFL put this one on Pay-Per-View, I’m spending the batter and hosting a get-together at my place.

The NFL is deficient with regards to any sort of a competition that we can anticipate. Regardless of whether this one will undoubtedly end in the first round, I’m never going to state no to watching one make grab the chain off of another and getting a charge out of whatever comes next.

Likewise while we’re here, I photoshopped this, yet a few people on the web thought my abilities were sharp to the point that it was genuine:

Anyway, there were other reprisal recreations this week like Blaine Gabbert versus the Jaguars, and Alshon Jeffery versus the Bears, yet this is the special case that really made a difference.

In the event that Talib does this again one year from now, we will need to begin calling him Debo.

This is what else was extraordinary about Week 12.

Quintorris Lopez Jones of the House Atlanta, The First of His Name, Receiver of Footballs, Father of Defensive Backs, and Taker of Ankles


Julio Jones had himself A Game on Sunday evening against the Buccaneers. Also, before you can be a troll and reveal to me it came against the Bucs, let me let you know from my most earnest spot in my heart — I couldn’t care less.

To oblige his 12 gatherings, 253 yards and two touchdowns, he additionally had a couple of lower legs:

That is Ryan Smith, who essentially left one of those tape diagrams you see at a wrongdoing scene at the eight-yard line.

Julio totally cooked him like the Thanksgiving turkey he had on Thursday. He at that point completed it with a heavenly jump to the end zone, similar to some sweet potato meal (yell out to my mother, who cooks superior to yours, however I trust you had a decent Thanksgiving at any rate).

There isn’t a catch Antonio Brown can’t finish

The Steelers had 17 seconds to get into field objective range from their own 30 while tied at 28 in the wake of driving the Packers into a three-and-out. It was all they required.

Antonio Brown contracted a standout amongst other major gets of the season. He was full augmentation, eyes on the ball, left foot planted level in limits, while barely dragging his entitlement to secure this catch:

It prompted Chris Boswell tying the longest field objective in Heinz Field history with a 53-yarder to win.

My takeaway from this: I am persuaded the main individual in mankind’s history with preferred footwork over Antonio Brown may be Michael Jackson.


Delanie Walker scored a touchdown to bring the Titans inside two purposes of the Colts in Indianapolis. He commended his touchdown by giving the ball CPR.

Some way or another, that is not how FOX supporter Chris Myers deciphered it:

I will assume the best about him — by one means or another — and say that he simply had a cerebrum flatulate. Else, I’d be extremely worried about his youngsters’ childhood.

Unmistakably Chris Myers isn’t an aficionado of The Office and one of its most noteworthy scenes.

We don’t merit the Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles are the best group in the NFL at the present time, and it’s truly difficult for me to abhor them.

Week in and week out, they’re bringing awesome festivals. It can be a ball game, a gathering spike, or an impression of Backpack Kid.

This week, they gave us two diamonds. The in the first place, was a flawlessly executed rocking the bowling alley festivity:

It wasn’t exactly the sensational 7-10 split from Alley Cats Strike, however I assume it’s smarter to simply get a strike and have everyone included.

The better of the two festivals was the gathering of Eagles on the field simply doing the Electric Slide. Good lord, what a sight:

I am forcefully pulling for this to begin a flood of group moving on the field in the NFL. The Titans did their best impression of the Temptations prior this month. Give the Jets a chance to hit an aggregate Milly Rock, and the Falcons can do Shawty Lo’s move in the “Dey Know” video. Give this game some flavor.

“Web program loathes Bears mentor”

You need to appreciate the assurance and innovativeness by this Bears fan. Accepting they ventured out to Philadelphia (who knows), they supported for John Fox’s terminating with an unobtrusive message:

For the uninitiated, that is the logo of the web program Firefox. Envision the majority of the confounded fans in Philly taking a gander at this Bears fan with a photo of a fox. They presumably envisioned that was some sort of offspring.

Yet, we here at SB Nation value your endeavors, Bears Fan.

Back to the Eagles genuine snappy

Definitely, I’m twofold plunging on the Eagles.

Here is Corey Clement, Jay Ajayi, and LeGarrette Blount getting pumped before the diversion to Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow”:

The game was over before it even began.


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